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I love Scat!  I had bought a bottle but never had used it until my daughter was in the ER and threw up red Tylenol all over her white shirt. She was then admitted to the hospitla and the shirt sat for three days with that stain setting in. When we got home I used Scat! on it and was shocked the shirt was perfectly white again. Thank you Scat!  
Jackie - Minnesota

Scat! is the most incredible baby formula and baby food stain remover. My grandson is almost 2 years old. We have been washing his stained shirts, bibs, pants, etc. since he was 6 months old. All food stains, vegetable, fruit, even tomato stains. ALL COME OUT with Scat!. I have a brand new granddaughter. We’ll be washing her stained clothes soon with wonderful Scat!.

 So many mothers throw very good bibs and clothes away because they assume the hard stains won’t come out. If only they knew what I’ve known for the past 18 months.
I am one happy grandmother.

Cindy - Louisiana 


It was wonderful to have Scat! when my grandson was born. All the baby clothes come clean after every wash! Scat is excellent on baby food stains and spit-up.
Denise – Georgia
My son is almost 2 years old. I was first shown Scat! when he was 6 months, but, like many skeptical moms, I was afraid to try any cleaning thing which I perceived might cause a skin reaction. I accepted the common fact that baby formula, baby spit-up, baby food & vegetable stains were permanent. Sadly, I threw away countless numbers of stained bibs and t-shirts.
It was just past his first birthday that my life with baby stains changed dramatically. I decided he was old enough and started using sensational Scat!, and then baby’s stains, I mean all those stains, went away. It was like magic. I don’t throw away bibs and t-shirts anymore. They are clean and Scat! stain free. I wish I had tried it earlier and saved all those clothes.

 Rayona - Georgia


I volunteer at my church, sorting and cleaning donations given to us, that we take to a Women's Shelter. They house mostly battered women or un-wed Mothers. I use to have to discard a majority of items that people donated because of stains, especially with baby clothes. They know most items are they get are used, but they at least have to look clean! A parishioner gave me some Scat! and it has changed my life.

The very first month we almost tripled the number of items we could proudly take to the shelter because all the stains came out. I washed all sorts of items, womens shirts, pants, baby clothes, onesies, bibs, blankets, even plush toys. I diluted some and cleaned by hand many more items, infant chew toys, plastic children's books, many things that were just dirty from being used. I had not been able to get them clean with other products or plain soap and water since I had to be very careful about what chemicals I used. But since Scat! is hypoallergenic that was one less thing I had to worry about.

I ordered a large gallon bottle over two months ago, and have almost used that up. I use so such of it for everything, even though it goes a very long way. I can not tell you how happy the church, the shelter and I am with the great results Scat! has given us.

God bless you.

Yvonne - North Carolina


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