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Q&A's about Scat

Our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Scat!.

    Q: What is the most important thing to know when using Scat?

    A: That you must be patient with tougher or older stains.
        Give Scat! time to affect the stain.
Spray Scat! on the stained area,
        work it in and wait at least 1 to 2 hours, even to overnight.
        stains may even “disappear” when treated and left overnight.
        Since Scat! usually has
no effect on fabric you can spray Scat! on
        clothes as you put them into the hamper and then 
wash as
        normal. You could even forget you had a stain!

Q: Can a laundry product really clean hard surfaces like counter
    tops, walls and floors?

A: Absolutely. Remember Scat! cuts grease and oils as easily as it
    removes satins. Just mix following our recommended dilutions and
    you will get great results with no cleaner buildup since it rinses
    clean leaving no residue.

Q: How is Scat! formulated for baby laundry needs?
A: Scat! is a unique blend of highly effective ingredients.
Scat! is formulated with an ultra-concentration of
    “stain active” surfactants to eliminate the toughest, stubborn,
    baby stains; yet is safe enough for a baby's skin, once items are
    washed and dried. Stop throwing away stained bibs.
    Scat! can get out all kinds of infant formulas, fruit and vegetable
    stains from baby foods, even juices.

Q: My baby’s skin is so sensitive. How can I be sure my baby won’t
    break-out in a rash using Scat?
A: Scat’s pH when used is close to neutral. A neutral pH is skin friendly
    and Scat! rinses out quickly without any residue. 

Q: Is Scat! safe on fine linens, washable fine fabrics and washable
    silks, etc.?
A: Scat! is generally safe on all washable fabrics and colors. But it is
    always good practice to test a hidden area first with any product,
    including Scat!, before using on the entire item. However, in 6
    years of market research, Scat! was proven to be safe and
    effective for all washable fabrics.

Q: How long should I wait between spotting the stain with Scat! and
A: It will depend on a few things, first the nature of the stain. Many
    fresh beverage and foods stains come out readily. However time
    and patience are needed to truly appreciate Scats miraculous
    results on older and tougher stains. If you spot Scat! on and within
    a few minutes you can see the stain releasing go ahead and wash,
    if not leave for a few hours up to overnight for maximum results.

Q: What are some other things Scat! works on?

A: Things like candle wax, some finger nail polishes, some glues to
    name a few. Apply Scat! full strength to the entire stain surface
    and let sit overnight. The material should start to soften and allow
    you to remove most of the substance by hand. Repeat this until
    nothing else can be lifted from the fibers manually, and then wash
    normally in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. If some of
    the stain is still there, do not dry, repeat the spot treatment and

Q: Can Scat! be used for stains on “Dry Clean Only” fabrics?

A: Yes. Just spot the stain, let it dry and then take it to the cleaner.
    Let them know that you have used Scat! on the stain so they will
    not treat with something else over it. Even items you had
    returned from the cleaners that did not come out, treat with
   Scat! and take back. Don’t be surprised when they ask you 
   “What are you using to get the stains out?” Please tell them, Scat!

Q: How do you use Scat! as a deodorizer?

A: Scat! will deodorize so many odors, smoke, mildew, urine, body
    odor etc. Saturated the smell problem area with full strength Scat!.
    If the item is thick or porous like a pillow or cushion you must use
    enough to penetrate through to the source. Allow Scat !to set on
    the odor area for 10 minutes to an hour. Wash or clean the item
    normally. For carpets spray on and work into the fibers to thier
    base, let sit for 5- 30 minutes, rinse with a clean wet cloth or
    sponge or you can use a carpet cleaner to extract the Scat!
    and moisture. Pat dry and then odor should be gone. Repeat if
    needed leaving longer the second time.

Q: Can I use Scat! as a complete laundry detergent?

 A: By all means. As a complete laundry detergent, use 2-3 ounces
     per load. As a laundry booster, use 1 ounce of Scat! per load.
     Besides being clean your clothes will smell wonderfully fresh.

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