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Household Cleaning
My home is older. The shower walls are ceramic tile sealed with grout, while the tub is enamel. Our shower slide-wall is fiberglass. For all three applications, we spray on Scat!, wait 15 minutes, then wipe the surface clean. WOW! The grey/black mildew on the grout (especially in the hard to reach corners) comes off effortlessly. The ceramic tiles look beautiful. The fiberglass slide-wall is cleaned to perfection and lost that soap haze we could never completely get rid of.
Before Scat!, my husband and I were prepared to spend $600.00 to re-enamel glaze our beautiful, 60 year old tub. After applying Scat!, that same enamel tub was sparkling clean, like new again. Scat! is simply incredible.
Cindy - Louisiana

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I have really enjoyed using your product Scat!. It has replaced virtually every other cleaner in my home and office. I love the fresh clean smell. I use it to clean bathrooms, counter tops, floors as well as a laundry additive.

I have been really impressed with Scat's capability to conquer any task I put before it. I am singing your praises to anyone who will listen or that I can get to try your product.

Thanks again,
Lynn - Alabama

Our upstairs bathroom has a molded plastic bathtub surrounded by ceramic tile. The water spicket fixtures are brass. We have owned our house for five years and our time-to-time attempts to clean the tub were always fulfilling. It seemed we merely smeared the soap scum around no matter what we used.

On a hunch I tried some Scat!. I squirted Scat! on the grease/scum residue, and also directed the same on the fixtures. After no more than 5 minutes I took a damp rag and ran it along the residue and I could not believe my eyes. Scat! dissolved the scum and grease like magic. Scat also cleaned the brass fixtures to nearly new looking condition. Our tub sparkles like new.

We use to try many brand name cleaners. From now on, we'll let Scat! keep our bathroom looking new. I am impressed.

Joe - Georgia

We travel on the road a lot in our motor home, 4-6 months out of the year. Being in such a small environment we are short on space to store things, as well as little air space if you are trying to use products that fume and smell.

I found Scat! at a flea market in Georgia and fell in love with it. I use Scat! for everything. Spot treating stains on clothes, since it may be days before we get to a laundry mat, and they all come clean. Diluted in a spray bottle to clean the counters, table top, stove top, inside the refrigerator, in the tiny bathroom for the sink, shower stall and toilet. I don't have to worry about using it on any surface and the only smell is fresh and clean, not like others that can take your breath away or are hazardous to our old lungs.

It is great to able to use just one product to do so much that takes up so little space. I tell everyone we see on the road about Scat!.

Janice - Arizona

WelcomeAbout ScatScat Product DirectionsQ&A's about ScatTestimonials about ScatContact Us or SDS for ScatHow to Order