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I had a situation where a brass planter had rusted on the bottom leaving a terrible rust stain on my light blue carpet in the living room. I grabbed Scat!, followed the directions and wished on a star. After the second application, the rust stain was completely gone. I could not believe it. I use Scat! on everything now. And by the way it smells like a warm Spring breeze...delightful. I am truly grateful that I was introduced to Scat!. Thank you for providing this product to the public.

Mimi - Georgia

Thank you for Scat! it is truly great. It easily removed stains on my carpet that a professional carpet cleaner had not been able to remove, and this 'professional' company had tried twice.

Mary - Louisiana

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try Scat!. A few months ago my water heater cracked and soaked some carpet I had just installed. I tried every product available but the brownish water stain remained. I had given up until you introduced me to Scat!. After letting Scat! soak for several hours the stain was completely gone! I will always keep a bottle of Scat! on hand because I know personally that it works better than any product on the market today. I was truly surprised and amazed by the fast results.

Ann - Alabama

I have always had cats but never had a problem until last year. One of my older cats started to 'forget' where the liter box was and would pee where ever she was. Even though I used other products made for 'cat urine' nothing got it out completely and then my other cats smelling the former spots would pee in these areas too. What a nightmare. I even bought a steam cleaner to clean the carpet myself, but that was not working.

Your company gave me some Scat! to try saying it would do the trick, but I had heard that before. Was I impressed. I spot treated all the areas I knew about, just like in the directions, and then followed up with rest of the bottle using it diluted in my steam carpet cleaner. It has been two weeks and so far not a single one of my four cats has used the carpet instead of the litter box! Best of all the smell of cat urine is gone from our home after a year. I can't wait to try it for other things.

Thank you for this great product, Scat! and I am getting more today.

Linda - Georgia

WelcomeAbout ScatScat Product DirectionsQ&A's about ScatTestimonials about ScatContact Us or SDS for ScatHow to Order