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 No product has come even close to cleaning my white guinea pig’s cage as incredible Scat!. The bottom of our cage is a white plastic sheet. We cover it with newspaper to absorb guinea pig urine and droppings. Inevitably, we get news print bleed onto the white plastic. Before Scat!, cleaning the bottom was always a chore, with mixed and disappointing results. We applied Scat! to the bottom, waited 15 minutes, and wiped it clean. Voilà! The white plastic bottom is like Brand New! Not only that, the whole cage smells so fresh and clean.

 For my money, Scat! can’t be beat.
Susan – Georgia

We are completely sold on Scat! We operate a boarding kennel for dogs (including 8 of our own), and we would not be able to keep the kennel clean without super Scat. We have tried a multitude of products in the past, but none can match the performance of Scat!
We regularly mopped the kennel floors with a combination of bleach and water, to sanitize and disinfect. However, the bleach odor and vapors prohibit letting the dogs have kennel access for several hours. Other products we tried could not overcome this dilemma. Then, when all else failed, we found Scat. Adding even a small amount of Scat! significantly reduced the odor and vapor problems. We now clean the entire kennel and safely allow the dogs back inside in less than an hour.
Scat! is also terrific at cleaning dried in mud and dirt, especially during wet and rainy periods. Scat! also cleans puppy “accidents” beautifully from our indoor/outdoor carpets. We even mop our hardwood floors in our house, where our dogs roam freely. Scat is the perfect product for a clean and aromatic shine for these floors. We pre-soak the dog bedding in Scat! before laundering and they come out fresh and odor free every time. We are certain there are a host of other uses for Scat! beyond kennel care. However, we can testify to Scat’s total and complete effectiveness in cleaning and deodorizing dog kennels.
With dogs everywhere around us, all of our cleaning needs tend to be centered around these animals. If you have pets, Scat! is perfect for you.
Laurie and Randy – North Carolina


We had a great old Lab that started having accidents, sleeping at night, in the house. My husband could not bear to make her sleep outside or in a crate because her arthritis was so bad she could hardly get up on her own and could only lay flat on her side.

Even putting old blankets on her dog bed did not help, and I could never get all of the urine odor out of the blankets or her bed cushion. It was driving me crazy, almost to the point of making my husband choose between me or the dog.

I heard about Scat! and gave it a try. I noticed a difference right away. Her blankets smelled clean and fresh with no hint of the urine smell. I even took the foam out of the dog bed, washed the cover and followed the directions to clean the cushion.

Even though we had to do this a number of times the last few months she was with us, those months where happy ones and odor free. Since her passing I have found Scat! to have many great uses and plan to enjoy using it once we get a new puppy.

Donna - Florida

Scat! is a great degreaser wet and dry. Scat! gets out all pet odors in rugs and blankets. Great fragrance.
    - Al Hearns, Pearl, MS – B & G Lieberman customer

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